Are you tired of not getting the attention you need at other boot camp style gyms? Are you looking for personal training at an affordable price?  

Here we solve this problem by providing personal training with top-notch assessment tools that allow us to modify workouts to any fitness level. Most gyms don’t have a good assessment or don’t assess at all. By having the gym inside the chiropractic office we use the knowledge of how the body moves to create workout programs that are specific to your body and your goals.  

No more being thrown into a group exercise program where it’s really easy for you to get injured by performing exercises that your body can’t physically do.  

This is what makes us different.  

We use methods to fully evaluate and assess our training clients. We assess aesthetics, physical mechanics, and performance to produce the most effective program available. With our highly skilled personal trainers who continue to learn about the body through the knowledge given to them by the Chiropractor on staff, great results are inevitable.

By exercising in small groups of up to 5 people you get the benefit of private personal training at an affordable cost.

In addition, we can also take people who have previous injuries and seamlessly transition them from the clinic to the gym. With our exercise modifications, we can tailor the workouts to your body’s capabilities.

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This program is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. With a class of up to 5 people, you can get the training you want from your personal trainer with the added benefits of a group class! With our best pricing package, you can get all that at less than half the price of one-on-one personal training!


Your Fitness Journey:

Schedule A Strategy Session
You'll meet with a trainer who will do an initial assessment where you'll go through a functional movement screen that will show any imbalances in mobility or stability that may impact your training. This will help us tailor the workouts for you.
Set Goals And Build A Plan
We discuss your goals and create a program design specifically for you. We can help you with strength gain, weight loss, sports performance, and more.
Personal Training
Reach your goals in our semi-private sessions where you'll get the attention you need.
A Happy And Healthier Life
This is where you enjoy how far you've come and how good you'll feel.
Stop wasting time and money with other gyms and let us help you reach your goals


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