We provide the best fitness program for injury prevention, weight loss, and strength gain.

By utilizing the Chiropractor and the knowledge of how the body moves, we have created a workout program that is designed specifically to work around your current or previous injuries. These workouts strengthen how you move on a daily basis and can also help you lose weight. We give the people of Charleston the tools to exercise in a studio where you can get the attention your body needs. 

Personal Training

Exercise with our personal trainers in an environment designed specifically for you. We provide sessions of up to 5 people where you get the benefits of 1-on-1 and group training!

Benefits of our training include:

  • More affordable than 1-on-1
  • A community wanting you to succeed
  • Programs designed for every fitness level
  • Accountability
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Our mission is to improve the way you feel and look by having a complete solution to your healthcare

The best research in modern science states that the best recovery plan requires doing the right exercises and stretches. This ensures your treatment is quick and long-lasting.

To best serve our patients, we have combined a chiropractic clinic and a fitness center to give people one location to get everything they need to live a healthy active life.

We Also Have A Recovery Program
This allows you to recover at convenient times and excel in your training. Receive Chiropractic care including adjustments, electric muscle stimulation, and other soft tissue therapies.