Improve Your Swing Power, And Flexibility With Our TPI Certified Trainers

Add yards to your drive with our golf performance training program. Increase strength and mobility in our personal training sessions so your body can perform at its highest level and you can impress your friends!

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We believe there isn't one way to swing a golf club, but there is a swing that is best for you based on how your body moves. Once we see how your body moves we can use chiropractic, stretch therapy, and rehab exercises to improve your strength and mobility so you can play better.

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A Little About The Titleist Performance Institute

Are you trying to add yards to your drive? Are you having pain after a round? 

Whether you want to impress your friends and coworkers or take home more trophies Carolina Spine and Sport can help you maximize your performance. We aren't golf professionals so we don't teach you how to swing a golf club. We provide the tools so your body can be at its highest potential to be able to move and get into the best position while being able to produce the most power. 

To help us improve golfer's performance our trainers are Titleist Performance Institute certified ( This course taught them the biomechanics of the golf swing and how to evaluate faulty swing patterns that may be causing pain or loss of power in the golf swing.

Our golf performance program is perfect for you if...

  • You're looking to increase your drive.
  • You're having pain during or after a round of golf.
  • You want to continue to play for years.

One thing is for certain is that you need to focus on your fitness and the way your body moves.

That's why our golf performance program offers:

  • A screen that assesses your body's rotational movement, flexibility, mobility, and swing mechanics.
  • A measure of your bodies strength and power output
  • Video analysis of your swing with your golf professional if you have one

The next person you hire should be TPI certified! These people know the biomechanics of the golf swing and how your body should move so you can achieve the results you want.

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