Disc herniations are when your disc from between your vertebrae protrude out and pinch the nerves from your spinal cord. This usually occurs when your low back is flexing and twisting, such as when you lift something heavy and twist to set it down somewhere. 

Treatments We Provide For Disc Herniations

To help with disc herniations we utilize chiropractic adjustments, rehab exercises (McKenzie Method), and flexion distraction. The treatment you'll receive is based on your symptoms. A combination of all of these is usually best for long term results.
Symptoms of Disc Herniations May Include:
  • Low back pain
  • Pain down the leg
  • Tingling sensation down the leg
  • Loss of leg strength
  • Loss of feeling down the leg
  • Pain when bending forward
Our Treatment Process
Chiropractic Care and Home Care

For you to get the best results, included with your treatment at Carolina Spine and Sport we will give you exercises to do at home. These are important for you to stay on track with your care and start feeling better faster. We also have personal training where you can get more time with the trainers to help strengthen and stabilize your body further.