blog picture labeled how a west ashley chiropractor and personal trainer work together

When you are looking for a West Ashley Chiropractor, it’s hard to know which one to go to when there are so many to choose from.

Chiropractors can often time practice very different techniques. Some do almost all chiropractic adjustments. While others do a combination of adjustments and rehab.  

The chiropractic adjustment is a very effective tool for pain relief. It stimulates receptors that help decrease pain. It helps increase motion in the joint. And it also stimulates the small muscles of the spine to activate more efficiently.  

This is all beneficial to you because it will help decrease your painful symptoms quickly. But, after you get some pain relief, there should be the next step in your care.  

See when a West Ashley Chiropractor does all the care that is called passive care. You as the patient aren’t doing anything except just laying on the table. This is very effective in the beginning stages of pain relief.  

But, you need the next step, which is active care. Active care is when you as the patient are moving and doing something to help decrease pain and increase function.  

This active care is your rehabilitation exercises. This is where you start moving your joints and activating muscles that help with movements. If you don’t learn how to move properly and activate muscles correctly, you will always have to come back to your West Ashley Chiropractor for pain relief.  

Why not learn the exercises and be able to stay out of pain for potentially forever. Research has shown that active care and rehab exercises are the best for long term pain relief.  

When you consistently get stronger and healthier movement patterns and muscles, you will no longer tweak your back when you are picking something up. Or if you learn how to stabilize your shoulder correctly, you can reduce shoulder pain and neck pain when lifting things overhead.  

This is how a proper treatment plan should look. Chiropractic adjustment and other modalities in the beginning, and then movement exercises and strengthening after some relief.  

At Carolina Spine and Sport, that is how we operate. We provide a personal trainer to help you with your exercises. They guide through each step making sure you are doing them correctly and getting the most out of your visit.  

Each time you come in your rehab exercises will get progressively harder and harder. This is a good thing. Your body is made to be strong and move.  

When you progress to the harder rehab exercises you’ll notice that it starts looking just like strength training you would do at the gym. Because it basically is!!  

Now, once your pain levels are moderately low and you start moving better, what’s best for your body is to start an exercise routine.  

Exercise is the best pain relief. It makes you more resilient to outside forces. Whether those forces be getting bumped into and maintaining your balance, picking something heavy up, or even a virus.  

So now that you decided to join the gym, you will be with personal trainers that already know your medical history. This helps them create a great workout that incorporates your rehab exercises into them.  

Now you are doing some rehab, and a lot of strength training and becoming a better stronger you. This is how a good medical treatment plan should look. Not just coming in and doing the same thing over and over again.  

Here is a video of how a treatment plan with us would work.


Why go to a medical professional that doesn’t give you the chance for long term care? At Carolina Spine and Sport we give you the complete solution to your healthcare needs.  

When you are looking for a West Ashley Chiropractor, pick the one who has your best interests in mind.