Finding it uncomfortable to personal train in a big box gym with lots of people around? Looking for something with fewer eyes and a more personal environment?  

Gyms can be very intimidating and make you not want to go. Even the small studios jam-packed with 30 people can be intimidating.

Exercising in a private gym in Charleston could be your solution! At some private gyms, they do semi-private personal training. This is where a group of up to 5 people workout in a studio where it’s just them and a personal trainer.  

Now you don’t have to worry about lots of people watching you exercise while they exercise. You can feel confident when it's you and up to 4 other like-minded people working out and trying to reach your goals. It’s also a lot of fun!  

There are many different studios that you can choose from but many of them aren’t really a private gym in Charleston. Most of them put upwards of 20-30 people in a class and you do a very high-intensity workout for an hour.  

Those high-intensity studios are great for people that are moderately active and athletic and can keep up with the hard routines. But, it’s not very good for people that are just starting out and are a little shy about their exercise knowledge.  

Also, a lot of those studios aren’t doing very good exercises either. Many have you do a lot of exercises that don’t match with how you move in your daily life. For example, going from burpees to a shoulder press or anything crazy like that is just silly.  

Correct exercises should look like how you move in your daily life. The way our body moves and how your exercises should look fall into 10 categories:

  • Vertical push- shoulder press Vertical pull- chin up, lat pulldown
  • Horizontal push- bench press, pushups
  • Horizontal pull- dumbbell row
  • Hip dominant- single leg deadlift
  • Knee dominant- squat, lunge
  • Explosive- KB swing
  • Med ball throws
  • Anti-extension- planks
  • Anti-rotation and lateral flexion- side plank, dumbbell rows
  • Correctives- wall angels, bird dog, brueggers

When you make an exercise plan that incorporates all of these movement patterns, then you have a great workout routine. You’ll feel yourself becoming more resilient in your day to day activities because you are training how you move.  

Resilience is key. That’s a big reason why you should be exercising. Resilient from infections and viruses, or stumbling and falling, or preventing injuries when being active. All these are solved when you have a proper exercise program.  

When you are looking for a private gym in Charleston, this is what you should be looking for in your personal training and in your programming. If they are having you do crazy exercises that just get your heart rate up then maybe you aren’t in the best place.  

Find a private studio where you can exercise free from and wondering eyes and with an exercise routine that will be the best for you and your goals.  

Here at Carolina Spine and Sport, we provide that for you! Come on in and check us out!