Back pain is such a nuisance to live with. Many people go day after day with back pain and think that it is just this normal thing that everyone lives with. While many people may have back pain, it is not common to just have all the time.  

The low back moves a lot more than you think. People with back pain can definitely tell you that it is true. Every movement can sometimes be excruciating.  

A lot of the times back pain is coming from muscle spasms or maybe even a herniated disc. The good news is that both of these can be treated with some simple at-home exercises.  

According to the joint by joint approach, the low back is considered a stable joint. So when you move your low back tightens to create stability.  

Many people get low back pain because they have no stability in their low back. So when they go to move, their low back takes a lot of the force.  

The exercises to help create stability in the low back are called the McGill Big Three. These three exercises are the best to treat your back pain and back spasms in Charleston and West Ashley South Carolina.  

Bird Dog  

This is a full-body stability exercise that will help you create that low back stability while moving. We as humans are dynamic creatures so we need to make sure we can create enough stability while our limbs are moving.  

To perform this exercise, start on your hands and knees. Then take your left arm and raise it up and pretend to try and touch the wall across from you.  

Then take your right leg and try to touch the wall behind you. Hold this position for a second or two and then bring them down and touch your elbow to your knee and then go back to raising them again.  

Make sure to keep your core braced and really try to feel yourself stabilizing your low back. Here is a video for a better look.  

Side Plank  

This is a great exercise to create stability in the coronal plane or the sides. You need to be strong in the front of your core and the sides for a full rounded healthy back.  

To perform this exercise, start on your elbow and your feet staggered. Then lift yourself up and hold that position for about 30 seconds. Relax, and do the other side.  

Working your obliques is very important in treating back pain and back spasms. Here is a video for a better look.


McGill Curl Up  

This is a great exercise to create stability in the front. The curl up strengthens the rectus abdominis and also some of the low back muscles. It also creates the most demand for stability and will really test you.  

To perform this exercise, start on your back and bend one leg toward you. Then place your hands under your low back to create the lumbar curve that your low back should have.  

Then, lift your upper body up like if you had a string connected to your chest and to the ceiling. Lift straight up until your shoulder blades are just off the ground.  

Hold for about 5 seconds and relax. Do this for about 8-10 reps and you’ll really see a difference in your core strength and a decrease in low back pain. Here is a video for a better look.  

McKenzie Exercises  

This exercise has the best research for people with herniated discs in West Ashley and Charleston South Carolina. It helps push the herniated disc back forward and away from the nerves.  

To perform this exercise, start on your stomach with your hands about at your shoulders. Then raise yourself up while keeping your low back on the ground. Blow out all your air for a better hinge, and then go back o the starting position.  

This hinge part of the exercise is where you are pushing the disc back forward into its proper position and away from the nerves. Here is a video for a better look.  

If you want to learn a little more about herniated discs, you can check out my blog post HERE.   Try out these exercises next time you are having back pain or even if you aren’t. A stable low back is essential for a healthy spine.