Knowing how often you need to get an adjustment from your Charleston Chiropractor is sometimes very hard to say. It all depends on: How much pain are you in? How tight are your muscles? How stiff do you feel? Is the pain all day everyday or just occasionally.

By answering these questions you may be able to have a better understanding.  

When you are in a lot of pain the number one priority for you is pain relief. The chiropractic adjustment is a very powerful tool for pain relief.  

When you get adjusted your mechanoreceptors are being stimulated. This stimulation helps decrease pain because mechanoreceptors are faster than nociceptors.  

Since they are faster they can override pain signals and the brain thinks there isn’t as much pain as there is.  

Think about it! That’s all pain is. A signal! A signal to let the body know there was an injury and to make sure there isn’t anything too damaged. By using the chiropractic adjustment we tell the body that you are moving better and to stop the pain.  

So if you are in a lot of pain it is necessary for you to get a chiropractic adjustment from your Charleston Chiropractor as many times as possible. Maybe three to four times per week on some occasions.  

We need to get the body moving and decrease those pain signals from firing so the more the better in this case.  

If you have really tight muscles, a chiropractic adjustment may not be the best tool to help you. When your muscles are really tight and guarding its very hard to get a proper adjustment that really gets your joints moving and relieves pain.  

If that is the case, more chiropractic adjustments are not better. You may need to have stretching or something else to reduce the spasms and inflammation that your muscles have.  

Once your body loosens up a bit, then you can get adjusted and it will be more beneficial.  

So this could look like only two times a week with a lot of stretching exercises.  

If you are feeling very stiff than the chiropractic adjustment is perfect for you. That’s its main function is to restore motion to joints.

When you are feeling really stiff your joints probably need just a little “oomph” to get them moving properly. The chiropractic adjustment takes your joints to as far as they want to go and then takes them slightly further.  

That slight extra push that you gets helps to restore that lost range of motion and the stiffness you are feeling.  

So if you are feeling very stiff, you could go as three to four times a week and find great benefit.  

If you are having pain all day everyday, then you probably need to go more often than someone who only has pain occasionally.  

Like stated before, the chiropractic adjustment is a great tool for pain relief. When you are in a lot of pain you should be seen as many times as possible.  

But, if you are only occasionally having pain that you may only need to be seen a few times and get a lot of exercise rehab done or home stretches.  

Lastly, you need to make sure that you aren’t overly mobile. If you are very mobile and have a lot of range of motion, then you probably don’t need to be adjusted very much.  

You actually may need more stability. Having too much motion can cause pain just like having too little motion can.  

When you have too much motion the best tool for you is some sort of exercise rehab or strength training. This will help stabilize the joint so it will move less and help decrease your pain.  

If you are having a stability issue and you are very mobile, you may only get adjusted one time per week.  

After the initial pain has started to subside and you are feeling better you can start to reduce the number of times you have to get a chiropractic adjustment from your Charleston Chiropractor.  

Since your body is hopefully moving better and keeping that motion, you may only need to go once every other week or once a month to keep up with everything.  

It’s good to continue to go when you are feeling stiff to help increase your mobility so your stiffness doesn’t get worse and worse until you just feel like a solid board.  

It all depends on you and how you feel.