Charleston has gained a new Chiropractic office that also provides personal training, acupuncture, and yoga. This business is called Carolina Spine and Sport and they are located in West Ashley Shoppes across the street from Target, in the same shopping center as the DMV and Bed Bath and Beyond.  

By providing all these services in one location it allows them to give a complete solution for your health all under one roof. No more running from business to business and telling people over and over about your condition. You will receive a team of providers that will help you live a healthy active life free from pain.  

Personal Training  

Carolina Spine and Sport offers semi-private personal training that gives you a great price for sessions and gives you a community feel. By utilizing semi-private and not 1-on-1 personal training you receive a better rate.  

Instead of paying $60-$70 per session with a personal trainer at a big box gym, you can pay as low as $25 per session. This will allow you to afford more sessions and get a better result.  

It’s also very easy to keep the gym clean when there is a maximum of 5 people per session. You won't have to worry about people in your space when you are exercising. There is enough space to really spread out and get a great workout in.  

Their program is based on strength and conditioning that allows people of all fitness levels to be able to participate. They use an approach where they can make any exercise easier or harder but still maintain the goal of the exercise. This allows for everyone to be working the same muscles and movement patterns but doing it at their own level.

Check out this video where Dr. Moran explains how their personal training sessions work and how they incorporate fitness goals to give you a goal to shoot for. 

Chiropractic Care  

Carolina Spine and Sport also offers chiropractic services. This is for anybody in pain or wanting to maintain good joint health. But what is really unique about them is they also offer a recovery program to their personal training clients.  

This recovery program allows for anybody that is maybe having a little bit of pain or feeling stiff or just wanting to move better to receive chiropractic care without having to drive to a new location.  

They also know all about you since you have been training with them. This allows for that team approach. You’ll have many providers trying to get you as healthy as possible.  

Also in the case that you are coming in with an injury, they provide a step-by-step treatment plan that progressively gets more advanced. You’ll start out doing very simple exercises that help improve your mobility or help strengthen muscles. After each visit, you will progressively start doing exercises that challenge you more and more. This will help you improve faster!  

When you are at the end of the treatment plan you are basically doing strength training. Now you can move smoothly into personal training and receive even more benefits!

Here is a quick video explaining how a treatment plan would work for someone with low back pain.

Here is another video explaining how they use functional movements to see why you may be having pain and how to correct them.


Another service Carolina Spine and Sport offers is acupuncture. This allows for just another benefit for you to get out of pain or maintain a healthier lifestyle.  

Sport’s acupuncture is when a needle is placed into a motor point and electrical stimulation is connected. This helps to activate muscles that are inactive. Sometimes in our daily lives, we may be in a posture for hours at a time. Well, this can lead to some muscles being overactive, and some muscles being inactive.  

Sports acupuncture can help to reactivate those muscles and help decrease pain and improve the way you move and feel.  

Trigger point therapy is when a needle is placed into a muscle's trigger point. This insertion of the needle helps to release that trigger point and help decrease pain. It is usually very painless and may even feel relaxing.  

Traditional Chinese acupuncture is when needles are placed at certain points on your body. By placing in them in these points it can help release tension and restore the natural flow that the body should have. By restoring that flow you can find relief not only physically but also emotionally. This is great for maintaining health and feeling your best.  


Carolina Spine and Sport also provides yoga for mobility issues. Everybody has days when they are feeling really stiff and tight. By providing yoga they can help you create more range of motion and allow you to move better. Sometimes you may not even realize how much range of motion you have lost.  

During your yoga session, you will go through certain movements that will help you create more mobility and stability. A lot of times we have lost the right to get into certain positions because our body doesn’t feel safe. By using yoga they can bring back that mobility and help you own it.  

This is how Carolina Spine and Sport can help you live a healthy more active life. By providing personal training, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and yoga you get an all-around perfect combination of noninvasive holistic care.  

They are open and accepting new patients for chiropractic and acupuncture and new clients for personal training. You can book using their online scheduler HERE or you can give them a call at (843) 474-6844.