Our Team Is Dedicated To Helping You Get Everything You Need Throughout Your Recovery Process
We understand the frustration that pain causes.

By using a team approach we can provide the tools for you to get higher quality care. By utilizing the benefits of a Chiropractic fitness center we can decrease pain with Chiropractic, reduce tight muscles with stretch therapy, and help you get fit and lose weight with personal training. We pride ourselves in being a one stop shop for all musculoskeletal wellness. 

Together we'll get you free from pain and back to the things you love to do.

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The body works in an alternating pattern of stable segments connected by mobile joints. If this pattern is altered-dysfunction and compensation will occur.

The most efficient way to be treated is different for everyone so we need to create a care plan unique to you. To create this plan you need to be screened. This screen involves an assessment of biomechanics, movement quality, current health, and full health history.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment Functional Movement Screen

Once the screen is finished, you'll be given a treatment plan specific to your body. The plan may include chiropractic adjustments, muscle therapy, rehab exercises, or all of the above. 

We believe you'll benefit the most by surrounding yourself with a team of experts. This is why we have a Chiropractor and Personal Trainer in the same facility.

Come in and see how Carolina Spine and Sport can help you.
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