Sciatica is a condition when you have pain going all the way down the back of your leg and sometimes even feels like its shooting out of your foot. This occurs because of an irritation in the sciatic nerve which can come from a disc herniation, muscle spasms, or other ailments. The sciatic nerve starts at the low back and runs down the back of the leg. When irritations occur, in addition to pain, you may feel numbness and tingling, or weakness in your leg.

Treatments We Provide For Sciatica

To help with Sciatic pain we utilize chiropractic adjustments, stretch therapy, and rehab exercises. A combination of all these is usually best for long term results.

Symptoms of Sciatica May Include:
  • Low back pain
  • Numbness and tingling down the leg
  • Electric pain down the leg
  • Pain while sitting
  • Leg weakness
person with sciatic pain in charleston sc
Our Treatment Process
Chiropractic Care and Home Care

For you to get sciatica help in Charleston/West Ashley SC, we recommend you to stay active. If you sit still the nerve will continue to be irritated and inflamed. By staying in motion we can reduce your symptoms. At Carolina Spine and Sport we provide you with at-home exercises and stretches so you can keep up with your care. We also have personal training to keep you accountable and give you the best chance for pain relief.