sciatic nerve pain and sciatica treatment

Do you have pain going down your leg? Did you go to the doctor and they diagnosed you with sciatica?  

Sciatica is irritation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in your body that’s location starts in your low back and runs down the backside of your leg.  

The pain you get from irritating this nerve will be shooting and tingling pain down the backside of your leg that can sometimes feel as if it’s shooting out of your foot.  

A disc bulge in your low back or muscles spasms that are aggravating the nerve usually are the causes of sciatica. Sitting all day usually increases your pain because of the position your low back is in and how you are stretching the muscles around the nerve.  

Depending on what is actually causing the sciatica symptoms will dictate what is the best treatment for you.




McKenzie Exercise  

If you are having sciatica because of a disc bulge, the McKenzie protocol could be very beneficial for you. McKenzie exercises work by forcing the disc herniation forward back into its normal position.  

When you have a disc bulge it is usually protruding backward and hitting on the nerves. That irritation is what is causing your pain. So by using the McKenzie exercises you go into hyperextension and can push the disc forward. 

After doing this exercise you should start to feel the pain come up your leg. So if it started behind the knee, it should start to get closer and closer to your low back.  

This is good news and shows that the treatment is working. Continue to do them throughout the day and hopefully, you can lessen the symptoms.  


If you are having sciatica because of muscles in spasm then stretching is what will work best for you. The best stretches you can do are the ones that stretch the hip and butt muscles.  

The sciatic nerve runs right through a muscle called the piriformis. By stretching this muscle you can sometimes find relief.  

Chiropractic care  

A chiropractic adjustment can be very beneficial for those with sciatica pain. A Chiropractor will adjust your hips and back and this will stimulate receptors that will decrease pain and activate the small muscles in your spine.  

Activating these small muscles helps create spinal stability that is good for people with low back pain.  

By getting your back to move properly we can take the irritation off of the nerve and it will decrease your sciatica symptoms.  

Our end goal when we treat sciatica is to bring the pain up from your leg to your low back. Once it’s just in your low back, treating it is a lot easier.  

Exercises and moving around at that point is the best treatment you can do. By staying active you can continue to have the spinal stability that we have created and keep those muscles loose and not irritating the nerve.  

A proper exercise program might be the best prescription you can receive at that point.