Exercise in an exciting group atmosphere

In our small group training classes we provide functional workouts that are built around hitting your goals and are customized to work around your previous injuries. This class will get you back in shape by increasing cardiovascular endurance, weight loss, and strength gain.

Ask us about our 14 day trial

We want to make sure you know you're in the right place. To do this we offer a 14 day trial period so you can try before you commit. This will help give you the jumpstart you need by defining your healthy habits amd functional capacity.

What's Involved?

Complimentary Consultation

Here you'll meet with our trainer who will do an initial assessment and show you how our gym can help. You'll go through a functional movement screen that will show any imbalances in mobility or stability that may impact your training. This will help prevent injury.

Set Goals and Build a Plan

Here is where we discuss your goals and give you a weekly report on where we would like to see you get to in the future.

Fitness Program Designed For you

This program will be designed specifically for you and your goals, whether it be strength gain or weight loss.

Unlimited Small Group Training

You'll be able to go to as many small group training sessions as you'd like.

A Happy and Healthier Life

This is where you enjoy how far you've come and how good you'll feel.