What is the McKenzie Method?

The Mckenzie Method is designed to help treat low back pain. This is more of a rehab exercise so you can do this at home and relieve your own back pain. One way to perform is by laying on your stomach with your hands at your shoulders. Then while keeping your waist and lower body on the floor, press up. Youll be in the same position as the yoga pose called cobra. Breath out and really let your body sink into the low back. Do this for about 10-15 reps and see if that helps your low back pain.

Another way to perform this is on your feet. While standing, make your hands into a fist and place them on your low back. Then lean back and push your first forward. Really feel yourself get that angle right where the low back pain is. Then return to neutral. Do this for about 10-15 reps and see if that elps your low back pain.

How the McKenzie Method works?

This method works by creating pressure to move the disc forward and away from the spinal cord and nerves. By using gravity and then your overpressure by extending your back, we can create what's called centralization and move the pain from down your leg to just your low back.