What is Flexion Distraction?

Flexion distraction is a process chiropractors use to help treat disc herniations and other forms of low back pain. It is performed by the patient lying face down on the table. The Chiropractor then places one hand above a segment of your vertebrae and the other on a handle to move the table. The Chiropractor then moves the patient's body down repetitively. This repetitive motion helps create a decompression at the spinal segment.

How Flexion Distraction helps?

This method really helps with disc herniations because of the decompression it creates by flexing the patient repetitively. This motion creates a kind of vacuum in the body sucking the disc back to its original position instead of protruding out and hitting your nerves and spinal cord. It also helps to widen the spinal and foraminal canals which leaves more room for the nerves to move more freely.