Have you tried one on one personal training? How about high-intensity group training? Didn’t get the results you were looking for?  

Semi-private personal training is different! You get all the great qualities of 1-on-1 personal training and group training in one convenient package. You get the personal approach, the community aspect, and a great price!  

What makes semi-private personal training semi-private is that you will be exercising in a group of 2-5 people. This allows you to still get the personal approach you want while getting the group aspect.  

Instead of exercising and having your personal trainer stand there and watch you while you do exercises and count reps, your trainer will be training the person next to you.  

There’s no reason to pay extra for your trainer to count your reps. That’s a lot of money for something you learned in kindergarten, don’t you think.  

With semi-private, your trainer will guide you through your workout and make sure you are doing your exercises safe and effective.  

Now I’m not putting down 1-on-1 personal training. It’s a great way to learn how to exercise and start to feel more confident in the gym.  

But there’s a better way!  

With semi-private personal training, you’ll have a trainer going over the exercises with you and watching your form but they will also be watching the other people in the class. Once the trainer knows you have the hang of the exercise, they will move on and help the next person.  

Once everyone is moving and everyone knows what they are doing, you can push each other to get even better results! That’s where you get the benefits of the group environment.  

Imagine everyone sweating and high fiving and setting new records for themselves. This is what training is supposed to look like.  

This group training is different than other high-intensity workouts you may have been to. We don’t encourage you to get really hot and push yourself super hard every visit.  

Doing that is terrible for your cortisol levels and stressing your body that much might actually make you gain weight!!!  

Another benefit of the group training? You may even make new friends!  

We actually made a Facebook group for everyone that has trained with us to join and you can post your achievements and goals. You can also use it to meet people! We love the community aspect of it.  

Now how is it such a great price?  

Semi-private personal training is about half the price of 1-on-1 personal training. But, it’s more expensive than group training.  

Remember, you’re getting all the benefits of each one so it’s a happy medium.  

At our facility in Charleston, SC our unlimited semi-private sessions are currently at $299 per month. The more you come the cheaper it is per session. You also get the added benefit of having a chiropractor on staff!

We also have cheaper options for one time a week and two times a week. You’ll be able to choose which option fits your goals and your budget.  

If you like personal training but haven’t really got the results you were looking for, or you’ve been to a high-intensity workout and was just worn out.  

Maybe semi-private personal training is for you.