A chiropractic fitness center is one of the best additions to healthcare that gives a complete solution for your healthcare journey.  

At Carolina Spine and Sport we have combined all the benefits of a chiropractic office with a personal training studio. This allows you to enter from either side. You can come in for personal training, or you can come in for chiropractic treatment.  

What’s great about this concept is that if you are training and you ever get injured or feel a bit stiff, you can utilize the chiropractic office in the same space. Also as a chiropractic patient, you can utilize all the equipment for your rehab exercises and, if you want, eventually move into training.  

What’s best of all, you don’t have to use both programs! If you want, you can just train, or you can just get chiropractic treatments.  

The whole point of the chiropractic fitness center is to give you a complete solution to your healthcare journey. By utilizing both of them together, we can get you to where you want to go faster and more effectively.  

For example, you come in with an injury as a chiropractic patient and you start to get pain relief from the treatment. Next, we want to do rehab exercises to help strengthen your muscles and stabilize your joints to prevent injuries from reoccurring. This is not joining the fitness center. This is just utilizing the equipment for rehab.  

Once we get you moving better and feeling stronger, if you’d like, we provide semi-private small group training where you can continue to increase your strength and functional movements to prevent injury from reoccurring.  

This is where the magic happens. No more endless adjustments. You are in control of your health.  

Think about it, you come in injured, we fix you up, and then you go right back to doing the same things that got you hurt in the first place. Why not transition over to training and get stronger and feel better than you ever have before? This is the complete solution for your health.  

We also provide semi-private training to anyone who wants to join. You don’t have to be a chiropractic patient to join.  

Anyone can set up a consultation where you will meet with one of our trainers where we will go over your goals and do a quick assessment to see where you are. After that, we will work up a plan specific to you and show you our different options.  

The reason a chiropractic fitness center is such a unique and valuable place is that you get the medical experience of the chiropractor built into your exercise programs. No longer will you be exercising in a potentially dangerous manner that other places may have you doing.  

We provide functional movement exercises that are safe on your joints that will let you exercise for longer and increase your enjoyment.  

We want you to be able to go on that hiking trip and not have to take a lot of breaks and watch others stand around waiting for you. We want you to have all this energy for playing with your family. We want you to be able to play for as long as you can.  

It doesn’t matter if you're living longer if you can’t enjoy those years that you have been given.  

By utilizing both the chiropractic side and the gym side you can experience what healthcare is supposed to look like; a noninvasive approach to getting rid of your pain and increasing your overall health. Imagine getting off all those medications and living a life you truly enjoy.  

This is what a chiropractic fitness center can do for you.