physical therapy office west ashley chiropractor and best gym in charleston

Carolina Spine and Sport is a very unique business. We offer chiropractic services and personal training. This gives us a complete approach to help you with your health.  

For example! Let's go on a journey with Bob.  

Bob has been having pain for the past 2-3 years but it has recently been getting worse.  

Bob has tried everything!! Nothing has helped!  

Well, you see, Bob has gone to many places where they just do one thing. One business only stretched him out. One business only cracked his back. One business only gave him a few exercises.  

All these things can work. But, they work better when they are all put together in one business instead of running around to multiple places.  

So Bob decided to come in and see his West Ashley Chiropractor at Carolina Spine and Sport.  

Now, Bob can get stretched out, get his back cracked, and get the proper exercises that he needs all in one place.  

We use an assessment that allows us to figure out what would be the best treatment for Bob.  

This assessment is called the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). This allows us to classify a person’s pain and see if they need to be stretched, cracked, or get rehab exercises.  

When he is out of pain, he can then go into the best gym in Charleston and get personal training! This allows him to continue his high quality care and get even more benefits.  

Then anytime Bob is having an achy day he can just stop by the West Ashley Chiropractor in the same building to get all fixed up.

Now Bob is in the right place for everything he needs!  

But really….  

Let’s talk a little bit more about our approach.  

If you come in with pain to the Chiropractor we put you through the SFMA which allows us to see how we can help you find pain relief.  

This assessment puts your pain and dysfunctional patterns into 3 different categories.  

Either a joint mobility dysfuction, tissue extensibility dysfunction, or a stability and motor control dysfunction.  

If you are having a joint mobility dysfunction the West Ashley Chiropractor can get you cracked and fix you right up.  

If you are having a tissue extensibility dysfunction, then you need to get stretched out to help you find some new range of motion.

If you are having a joint mobility dysfunction then rehab exercises will help your body get back to moving properly.  

This is all great for you to be able to find pain relief.  

But then we want you to continue your health journey, so to keep you moving well and out of pain, we provide personal training.  

Our personal training makes us the best gym in Charleston SC because instead of paying upwards of $60-$70 per session, you can pay less that half of that per session.  

By sharing your time with a few other people, you can get high-quality personal training at a very affordable rate.  

Also our training makes us the best gym in Charleston SC because since we know how the body moves and works through the SFMA we have created very functional workouts that decreases your chances of injury.  

Now you don’t have to worry about a trainer that learned all of their knowledge from Instagram videos.  

You have a trainer who has almost as much knowledge as the Chiropractor does because that’s who trained them.  

So if you are looking for a West Ashley Chiropractor and the best gym in Charleston SC then Carolina Spine and Sport is the right place for you.