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Are you looking somewhere for wellness chiropractic in Charleston SC? What exactly is wellness chiropractic or a wellness Chiropractor?  

Wellness chiropractic is care that is given long term. This care is not just get you out of pain and let you leave. It’s continual visits that will keep you feeling and moving your best.  

These continual visits are good for you because a lot of the time pain comes back because we start moving poorly again.  

When you go to a wellness chiropractor and they relieve you of your pain, they are also helping you move better.  

Then when you stop going, you start moving worse and worse. This can eventually lead to pain.  

Now you don’t have to go forever. That’s what a lot of people think about wellness chiropractic.  

But, you’ll probably want to continue to go so you can have a better resistance for re-injury.  

Think of it like the height of a ceiling. When you go to a wellness Chiropractor in pain, your ceiling height is very low. Say 4 feet. You keep hitting your head and you can’t stand up straight.  

Now when the wellness Chiropractor starts relieving your pain, your ceiling height starts to increase. Maybe after a couple of weeks of visits, it’s at 7 feet.  

You can stand up straight and won’t hit your head.  

But, if you stop going that ceiling height starts to slowly shrink until one day you bang your head and the ceiling falls back to 4 feet again.  

Then you have to go back to the wellness chiropractor to get you all fixed up and raise that ceiling height again.  

So continuing to get wellness chiropractic care helps to keep that ceiling high and reduce the chances of getting in pain again.  

What is the Chiropractor looking for on your wellness visits?  

The chiropractor is looking at how your body moves and making sure it is hitting the baseline of movement measurements.

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment gives us a baseline of movement to see if you are moving well or not.  

If you aren’t moving well, then you may be more susceptible to injury.  

For example, the chin should be able to touch the chest. If you can’t do this, you may have a higher risk of neck pain than someone who can do it.  

This doesn’t work for everyone, but it makes for a good testing baseline.  

Whenever you come and see your wellness Chiropractor long term, you should be improving all of the movements where you aren’t hitting the baseline.  

Continual care helps to improve your daily life and helps to stop pain from coming back.  

This is something that your wellness chiropractic center should be looking at and helping you reach.  

We use the Selective Functional Movement Assessment in our clinic to help our patients live healthy more active lives.  

If you are looking for a wellness chiropractor or wellness chiropractic in Charleston SC schedule an appointment today!