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Stretch therapy is one way you can treat back pain in Charleston/West Ashley SC.  

Stretch therapy is when a practitioner stretches your body for 30-60 minutes to help relieve pain and increase flexibility and improve range of motion.  

When your muscles are tight, this can cause pain or cause you to alter how you move. When you alter how you move you could be putting added stress to other parts of your body.  

This extra added stress can cause pain.  

See, not all joints need to be extremely mobile. When a joint that is supposed to be stable is now mobile, pain can occur.  

For example, the low back is a stable joint. It shouldn’t move very much at all.  

The facet joints of the low back are made where it only should flex and extend. When a joint only really moves in one plane, it is considered a stable joint.  

The hips and the mid back are mobile joints. They can move freely in many different directions.  

The facet joints of the mid-back allow all kinds of range of motion and the ball and socket joint of the hip also allows for free range of motion.  

So, when the hips and mid-back aren’t moving very well, the low back has to compensate.  

You have to find mobility somewhere!! The body is great at compensating and cheating to find the easiest route to generate movement.  

If your mobile joints aren’t moving very well, it’s not easy to just get them to move better. But what is easy is just taking away stability from a stable joint.  

This is where stretch therapy can be very beneficial. Stretch therapy stretches out those mobile joints and allows them their full range of motion that they lost.  

This takes off the load that the stable joints have to do which can reduce pain and make you feel a lot better.  

Here are some ways to use stretch therapy for low back pain.  

Open book  

This stretch therapy stretch helps to increase mid-back rotation and extension. The spine doesn’t like to do two things at once.  

So, in order for you to increase your rotation and extension, you need to get your back out of flexion.  

We are in bad posture all day flexed over at a desk on our computer. This causes our spine to get used to being flexed.  

Now you have lost mobility in the mid-back and now have to use the low back for rotation and extension.  

By doing this exercise you can help to increase your range of motion in your mid-back with stretch therapy.  


This is another stretch therapy exercises that can help to increase mid-back extension and rotation.  

This again takes the pressure off the low back and helps to reduce pain.  

Spiderman stretch  

Using this stretch therapy exercise we can help improve the range of motion in the hips.  

By increasing the hips mobility we can take the pressure off the low back.  

This stretch helps with hip flexion and extension. The next stretch therapy stretch helps with internal and external rotation.  

90/90 Hip IR/ER   

This stretch exercise is great for increasing internal and external rotation of the hips.  

If you can’t turn your body into your hips, then your low back will help and rotate.  

That is causing pain in your low back.  

Some other forms of stretch therapy techniques that we provide are pin and stretch and post isometric relaxation.  

Pin and stretch  

Pin and stretch is when we make your muscles as small as possible and then press into it, and then lengthen it under tension.  

This allows us to pinpoint the exact tight sots of your muscles instead of just stretching the whole muscle.  

By getting more specific and not general we can help to reduce pain and lengthen the exact spot that you need.  

Post isometric relaxation  

Post isometric relaxation is a stretch therapy technique where you do some of the work.  

What we have you do is take your muscle right up until it can’t be stretched anymore. Then we have you contract your muscle and push in the opposite way that we are trying to stretch.  

You then relax and we stretch you a little further. We do this about three or four times.  

This technique works because we are activating the opposite muscle, so the muscle that we are trying to stretch has to release.  

We then take advantage of that release and stretch you further when you relax your muscle contraction.  

These are some of the ways that stretch therapy can help reduce low back pain and help you to feel better.  

We provide a first time free session if are in Charleston/West Ashley SC and would like to try us out.  

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