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There are a lot of personal training businesses and independent personal trainers in Charleston SC that you can choose form. But how do you pick the right one for you?  

Personal training can be broken down into a couple of different categories. You can have 1-on-1 personal training, Bootcamp training, semi-private training, and group training.  

They all have their benefits but they are all quite different.  

1-on-1 Personal Training  

This type of personal training is when you have the full attention of the person training you. You can set your own times that work best for you and they guide you through your workouts.  

The workouts range from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on which program you choose. Most people choose this option to get the full attention of the personal trainer.  

This can be the best when you are new to exercising or have previous injuries, or if you don’t like working out in a group setting.  

Having your own personal trainer can feel like you’ll get better results because you have all that attention on you.  

But there are cons. Sometimes it gets boring working out the same personal trainer every single day. You talk about the same things and hear the same stories. Sometimes the workouts are usually based on what the trainer likes to do and not want you want to do.  

For instance, if the personal trainer likes bodybuilding you might lift a lot heavier than you need to. If your trainer is a yogi, you might do a lot more mobility exercises. Sometimes the trainers have biased workout programs and they don’t even know it.  

It’s also hard to find a new trainer because you guys have been doing the same thing for so long. So now if they leave, how are you supposed to get the same results when your new personal trainer is giving you completely different workouts?  

Bootcamp Training  

This is a style of exercising in a group setting with maybe 30 other people. You usually go from station to station doing different exercises and hitting different muscle groups.  

This is usually a fairly fun way to exercise because the music is blaring and you have other people there that are going through the same thing as you are and get that community feel.  

This style of personal training is usually for people who know somewhat how to exercise and can do a lot of stuff on their own. It’s also more for people that are in a little bit of shape because of how intense it can get sometimes.  

You don’t get very personal in this style because the one personal trainer coaching the class cant make sure everyone have perfect form and isn’t going to hurt themselves.  

Group Training  

Group training is an exercise program that is usually held in big box gyms in addition to their open gym concept.  

This is where you can do programs such as Zumba, kickboxing aerobics, kettlebell classes, and others.  

In this style, you don’t get very much personal training at all. You are there more to sweat and get your body moving.  

These classes are great for getting your heart rate up and receiving the big metabolism rush after a hard workout. Sometimes you can even learn a new skill in these programs.  

But, going hard every single day can be overwhelming and can increase your cortisol levels so much that you actually start gaining weight.  

Getting your heart rate up for a full workout every workout is not sustainable in the long term.  

Semi-private Personal Training  

In this style of training, you are exercising in a group of 2-5 people with a personal trainer guiding the class. Everyone in the class is doing about the same program, but it is modified to your fitness level.  

You can a lot more attention from the personal trainer and you get the benefits of group training. If you are ever struggling with an exercise the personal trainer is right there to guide you back on track.  

This works because if the other people working out know what they are doing, you can get a little more attention.  

You can also get a community feel from this program. With only 2-5 people in a class, you start to get really close with everybody and make bonds. It's always more fun to go through tough workouts with a friend.  

This is also a great way to train because all the trainers are running programs that the business has created. Now you can get personal training and if one trainer isn’t there that day, you’ll get the same quality of exercise.  

No more inconsistent workout programs or one trainer being better than the others. This style of personal training has some great benefits of group and 1-on-1.  

These are the different types of personal training programs. Make sure you choose the one that is best for you and can help you reach your goals.  

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