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Searching for a gym in Charleston can be a hassle sometimes. There are so many different types of gyms that provide different services and have different styles. Most have their own culture that some people may love, and some people may hate it.  

Different types of gyms in the Charleston area include Crossfit, big box gym, boot camp, boxing, and many more. They all have their own great qualities that fit people differently.  

One can be great for getting your heart rate up while another is great for more movement and mobility work. Others are better for strength training and some are great for a come as you please and do your own thing.  

But which one is best for you?  

Crossfit gyms  

Crossfit gyms are great for people who want to gain a lot of muscle and increase their power. A lot of the workouts in crossfit are very fast and explosive. This is great for building muscle mass and losing weight.  

Crossfit is usually done in a group setting with a set workout to do. There’s usually a coach there that is guiding and motivating you through your workout.  

The group setting is pretty great for meeting people and building a team that you workout with all the time. This helps push you to new limits and reach your goals.  

Most of their workout routines are very rough and hard so crossfit is recommended for intermediate to advanced level of fitness experience.  

Big Box Gyms  

Big box gyms are the gyms where it is huge and people come and go as they please. There’s a huge amount of treadmills and a big area with a lot of machines and free weights. An example of this gym would be like Planet Fitness or O2 Fitness or Gold’s gym.  

All this space is great for people to just work out on their own and do their own thing. In the mornings and after work it's usually more crowded, but during the day you’ll have a lot of space to yourself.  

These gyms also usually have large group exercise programs and personal training. The large group settings are at specific times and allow you to work out with an instructor with a bunch of people to some upbeat music. You’ll get your heart rate up and get a great workout in.

The personal training programs they have are fairly simple to utilize. You show up and go through a session to see what your goals are and then meet with a trainer to help you reach them. You’ll coordinate all your workouts through your trainer and you will workout 3-5 times per week sometimes.  

Personal training is great for people to really learn how to exercise or to help people reach their goals.  

Big box gyms are recommended to anyone anywhere from beginner to advanced.  

Boot camp  

Boot camp style of exercising is when a big group of people all come to a gym at a specific time and run through circuit training. Circuit training is where you go from station to station doing different exercises at each one.  

This is great for getting your heart rate up and getting really sweaty which will lead to losing weight and increasing muscle tone. Examples of these gyms include Burn Boot Camp and Orange Theory.  

Boot camp classes are led by an instructor that motivates you through your workout and also teaches you the exercises. They also sometimes provide nutritional counseling and goal setting.  

These classes are usually great for a short period of time, but then they start to have a couple of negative effects. The biggest one being you don’t want to always get your heart rate up really high every workout. This increases your cortisol, which will lead to weight gain.  

So all that work that you are doing to lose weight will be lost. Also when you are out of breath through your whole workout you will occasionally lose form and losing form while exercising leads to injuries.   Boot camp classes are recommended to anyone from beginner to advanced.  

Boxing gyms  

Boxing gyms are gyms where you go for group training or personal boxing classes. These are great for getting your heart rate up and learning great movement techniques.  

These classes really tone up your muscles because it takes a lot of work to throw punches through a whole workout. It’s also great to learn a new skill and lose weight and have fun doing it.  

At boxing gyms, a trainer guides you through a workout program where you will punch punching bags and perform other exercises to get you a really great workout.  

After just a bit of training and getting around the learning curve, you’ll start to see all the benefits that working out through boxing classes has to offer.  

Boxing is recommended for anyone from beginner to advanced.  

These are just some of the gyms in Charleston that are great for exercising, losing weight, and feeling good. If you’re interested in personal training try out our 14-day trial HERE.