“You have to go for the rest of your life!”  

This is something we hear a lot. Once you go to a Chiropractor, you can’t stop.  

This is far from the truth. A lot of the times people go for a long time because they like how they feel afterward and they want to continue to be pain free.  

Chiropractic can be very beneficial to keep you out of pain. When your body is moving well, then you are less likely to get injured or have painful episodes.  

So, how many sessions do you need with a Chiropractor?  

The answer is it all depends.  

If you are in a lot of pain, then you will probably need to come quite a few times.  

The Chiropractor needs to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and it’s hard to do in one treatment.  

When you are in a lot of pain you might go to the Chiropractor three times a week.  

Every treatment is built to get you out of pain and moving better. With all that pain and inflammation and tight muscles, this will take a week or two before you really feel like yourself again.  

If you would rate your pain at an 8-9/10 on a pain rating scale, you might have close to 15 treatments with your Chiropractor until you are completely fixed.  

But, this all depends.  

If you are younger you might respond very quickly and only have to go 8 times before you feel great.  

Age sometimes is a factor in how many times you have to go, but not always.  

It all depends on how your body responds to treatment.  

If you are having chronic pain then you might also need to go to more sessions.  

Chronic pain is pain that has been around for years and years.  

This is harder to treat, so it takes more sessions.  

If you had pain for 10 years, don’t expect to be pain free in 2 visits.

Chronic pain can even sometimes take months of treatment.  

Your body might have been tight and immobile for so long that it’s going to take a long time to restore that motion that you haven’t had in years.  

But, once we restore that motion you can keep up with it from now on so when another painful episode arrives it’ll only take a few visits the next time.  

This is why people say you’ll have to go forever.  

It’s because that when you stay ahead of injuries and pain, the next time you get hurt it won't take as long to get you out of pain.  

This is because you already have a solid foundation.  

We don’t have to build another house.  

We just have to change a few light bulbs.  

One thing that you need to be aware of though is when a Chiropractor tells you that it’ll take 30 visits to get you out of pain and tries to sell you on it upfront.  

A lot of times it’s not going to take 30 visits. You might get better in 5 or maybe 10 but now you already bought a lot that you don’t need.  

It’s not bad to buy a treatment plan in full. But, you should be aware that everyone responds differently so you might want to just get a few visits and see how you feel before buying a big plan.  

So when you ask yourself “How many sessions do you need with a Chiropractor?” also ask yourself your pain level and the length of time you’ve had the condition.  

The longer amount of time and the higher the pain, the more visits it will most likely take.  

If you’re looking for a West Ashley Chiropractor then schedule an appointment with us today and we will be more than happy to give you a great treatment plan specific to you.